FunRich functional enrichment analysis tool is open access. Please cite the article describing FunRich if you use it.

FunRich citation:

1. Fonseka, P., Pathan, M., Chitti, S.V., Kang, T. and Mathivanan, S. (2021)
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FunRich: a standalone tool for functional enrichment analysis. Proteomics.15, 2597-2601.

A new updated version (3.1.4) of FunRich released on 2020 with heatmap, miRNA enrichment and automatic database download.

Old releases

System requirements

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows7 and Windows 8 operating systems
RAM: 2GB recommended
Hard disk: 850 MB free space required
Microsoft.NET version 4 or later required
Unzip/Unrar/7-Zip file manager required.